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Sat Mar 14, 2015, 4:16 PM
Yesterday's surgery went fine.  I can't flight back to the UK until I pass the post-operatory succesfully.

I'm now resting. The post-operatory is not being as hard as I expected or as some people told me, but yeah... I'd rather say it's kind of unconfortable... I 'm not feeling any hard pain though, mostly because I'm taking a really effective pain reliever anytime I need it.

Here you are a photo that the surgeon took about  me.  I was still on anaesthetics, welp XD sorry for the dirtiness and blood, so ugly to see... it was taken just when surgery was finished before any area was even dressed...

:heart: And here you are a cool song I love :heart:

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Hellloooo theeeeeere! How are youuuu?!

I'm so excited about my new post! I MOVE TO LONDON!!!
Same post but in central London, about Old Street area! I'm in Ophthalmic Theatres where we do eye surgery to patients (I even read on my contract that my patron is the British Queen asdfjlasdjflksdj :) ).

I'm still looking for a flat around that area though, so if someone here is living in London and can give me any tip or any help just please write me a note, I'd be soooo glad!

I'm currently having an one-month "holiday" in Spain where I'll have a surgery tomorrow... since this pocedure post-operatory is supposed to be hard *A*


:bulletred: HOW TO PLACE YOUR ORDER :bulletred:

* IMPORTANT NOTE : There will be no problem if you purchase 「TANGIBLE DREAM」since it's sent to the customer digitally by email, but if you buy 「IMPRUDENCE」doujinshi (a physical copy) I will not be able to go to the post office until the 1st of April because of my post-operatory.
Thanks for your understanding.

- From my Crimson Garden website :pointr: click on "SHOP | オフ活動" in the left sidebar.


PRICE: 15 $ (12.2 €) + Shipping Cost to your country (NOW cheaper!!!)
PAIRING: Sasori + Deidara
GENRE: Angst mainly / Romantic (R-13; NO sex scenes/ NO nudity)
SUMMARY: The story focuses on Sasori's thoughts and contradictions while he's visiting Deidara


PRICE: 7.5 $ (6.15 €)
PAIRING: Sasori + Deidara
GENRE: Romantic (R-15; NO explicit sex scenes/ NO full nudity)
SUMMARY: Sasori wakes Deidara up from a stressful dream (or so Deidara claims). Nothing is out of the ordinary; that is until Sasori volunteers to act out the dream.

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Sat Dec 20, 2014, 2:04 PM
Hello everybody! Merry Xmas to you all!!! :heart:

:bulletgreen: As I mentioned in some previous journal, I moved on to the UK for job reasons last year.
My current job is not related to my favourite hobby at all since I studied a different degree. I work for the british National Health System in surgical theatres where we do ophthalmic, oral and pain surgery.
Tha's the reason of my lack of activity here lately. Unfortunately, I don't have the time that I used to have in the past but it doesn't mean I gave up at all. Actually, I didn't and have some sketchs... even my friends here really encouraged me to resume my hobby (I never told them I draw until now lol!). So I just want to let you know that I haven't abandoned my updates or projects, but they will just take muuuch longer than before.

:bulletgreen: After 1 year since last time I saw my family... I go back to my country to have my Xmas holidays!!! I can't wait to see them again!


:bulletgreen: The currency values drastically changed this year, so I opted for modifying my doujinshi prices.
The euro decreased in value, the dollar and british pound increased, basically.

:bulletgreen: It's a good thing for both costumers and me, because in the UK shipping costs are cheaper than my native country, so if someone is interested, it's a nice opportunity to get an 「IMPRUDENCE」doujinshi copy! ^o^
I have 3 more copies left here at home!

:bulletgreen: From now own, my future doujins (but「IMPRUDENCE」) will be sold ONLINE, in digital format.
The main reasons why I decided to do so are because it's cheaper for the costumers, you receive the doujinshi earlier and digital format is more ecologic for some obvious reasons.


:bulletred: HOW TO PLACE YOUR ORDER :bulletred:

- From my Crimson Garden website :pointr: click on "SHOP | オフ活動" in the left sidebar.


PRICE: 15 $ (12.2 €) + Shipping Cost to your country (NOW cheaper!!!)
PAIRING: Sasori + Deidara
GENRE: Angst mainly / Romantic (R-13; NO sex scenes/ NO nudity)
SUMMARY: The story focuses on Sasori's thoughts and contradictions while he's visiting Deidara


PRICE: 7.5 $ (6.15 €)
PAIRING: Sasori + Deidara
GENRE: Romantic (R-15; NO explicit sex scenes/ NO full nudity)
SUMMARY: Sasori wakes Deidara up from a stressful dream (or so Deidara claims). Nothing is out of the ordinary; that is until Sasori volunteers to act out the dream.

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Click on the link below the image if you wanna see in my YouTube how I drew my last fanart layer by layer:

Cute SASORI + DEIDARA Kids by Kaoyux

> > > >  :star: VIDEO HERE!!! :star: < < < <

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Naruto-Storm-Revolution-Akatsuki-0111 by Kaoyux

 is the latest game in Namco Bandai and CyberConnect2′s acclaimed Naruto Storm series. It's planned for a 2014 release worldwide for the Sony PlayStation 3 and Microsoft Xbox 360.

Namco Bandai Games released new screenshots art, and a short press release for Naruto Storm Revolution! The screenshots feature scenes from the Creation of the Akatsuki story, which was the focus of the the scan from last week. The art is of the Akatsuki members, including individual pieces focused on Kakuzu and Sasori’s new outfits. The press release mentions Sasori, Kakuzu, and other characters (who have not yet been revealed) will have new outfits designed by the creator of Naruto, Masashi Kishimoto! It’s unclear if these outfits will be story mode exclusive or if they will extend to free battle, but we hope to let you know on Saiyan Island as soon as it is announced!

For the first time ever, the origin of the most merciless band ever is depicted!

Thanks to NARUTO SHIPPUDEN: ULTIMATE NINJA STORM REVOLUTION, NARUTO SHIPPUDEN fans will have all the details about Akatsuki’s background! All aspiring ninjas are asking themselves tons of questions for years: how was Akatsuki, the biggest threat in the Ninja universe, brought to life? How did Pain and Konan expand their crew?

This new animation will be woven into gameplay, allowing players to take part in the origins of the Akatsuki. Various members of the infamous gang such as Sasori, Kakuzu, and others, will have new outfits designed by series creator Masashi Kishimoto.

Naruto-Storm-Revolution-Akatsuki-Sasori by Kaoyux

Naruto-Storm-Revolution-Akatsuki-Kakuzu by Kaoyux

Naruto-Storm-Revolution-Akatsuki-08 by Kaoyux

Naruto-Storm-Revolution-Akatsuki-10 by Kaoyux

Naruto-Storm-Revolution-Akatsuki-09 by Kaoyux

Naruto-Storm-Revolution-Akatsuki-07 by Kaoyux

Naruto-Storm-Revolution-Akatsuki-05 by Kaoyux

Naruto-Storm-Revolution-Akatsuki-06 by Kaoyux

Naruto-Storm-Revolution-Akatsuki-02 by Kaoyux

Naruto-Storm-Revolution-Akatsuki-04 by Kaoyux

Naruto-Storm-Revolution-Akatsuki-03 by Kaoyux


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Please, CLICK on the "YouTube" button (on bottom to the right) to see this video bigger in Youtube.

Tittle: "KAKASHI'S TEAM - Once Upon a time"
Manga/Anime: "Naruto" 
Finished picture:

KAKASHI'S TEAM - Once Upon A Time by Kaoyux

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Fri Dec 13, 2013, 12:49 PM
(Unforgettable moment about the day I had to emigrate, leave my native country and a period of my life behind)

As I said in my previous journal I moved to England because I found a job there, since there is a youth unemployment of even 75% in my native country (sometimes I wonder if my country is really european...), soooo welp, last August a british recluitment took place in my country , I applied for that job interview, hundreds of people applied but only 13 people and me were accepted in order to work in England, so I moved, basically :iconkruemelplz:

(A picture I took to the English Channel during my emigration from the airplane. French lands are left at the bottom just where the clouds are XD)
734133 593461127383642 1778552527 N by Kaoyux

I must say when you decide to leave a past aside and emigrate to get a decent life, all beginnings are SO hard to deal with. I don't have any problem to get used to the country's mentality because mine fits with northern european countries better but... everything around is so unestable and uncertain during the first months... mostly in this country because the way they do things is so different from the rest of european countries, no matter if it's for good or for bad...

My spanish mates and me started working in this new country but for some reason I was the ONLY one who was sent to a different city and hospital.
According to the recluitment team it was because I managed to get the best post but... honestly, I was feeling so freaking alone. My life was going to the hospital for 8-12 hours and comming back "home"... if it could be considered a home because I was living in a really lame place btw... I didn't even had internet conection to communicate with my family/friends properly or a working kitchen, these are some of the reasons why I lost 10 kilos in 1.5 weeks, so imagine... I've been living this way for 2 months and not to mention all paperwork problems I've had to deal with because of some people's unprofessional work. I've even had really unpleasant allucinations twice when I was at my place because of the loneliness, hard work and the lack of warm and normal food.

But... I thought that situation had to end soon or later so I decided to give life a new chance and applied for a new job interview just where my other mates were.
I was accepted again. Now I'm working in the other hospital, in OPERATING THEATRES! (For those who don't know what an operating theatre is in a hospital, click on this photo :pointr: [link]), the work of my dreams and where I've always wanted to end up working when I was living in my native country!
2474467 626301570766264 1698634346 N by Kaoyux

I'm working on ophthalmology operations and since it's elective surgery and not emergency surgery, I've to work since 07:30 to 17:30 but later I'm off 3 days/week and 2 of those days are allways weekends :P I don't need to be on duty at nights anymore (97% of hospital workers have to do night shifts).
My job mates, our boss, everybody is so bubbly and empathic here. I've received a lot of support! I can't complaint at all, really, it's the work of my dreams in so many ways!

Moreover, now I'm living with the rest of my dear spanish mates from the recluitment at the same buildings (indeed the accomodation is so beautiful, modern and cozy), so now I don't feel alone anymore, just the opposite! I feel like in a fairy tale lol!:
1474467 626301570766264 1698634346 N by Kaoyux

(Me along some of my spanish mates)
1454508 622262917836796 47388499 N by Kaoyux

All the bad times I passed before finally bore good fruit, they finally ended for me and I will never regret applying for that new job interview.

The only pending "problem" I'm currently having is I'm still considering which internet company suits me and my flat mate the best since I'm currently using my mobile phone as a router and welp, there is no decent internet conection for my laptop at all...

Anyway! I'm so happy and finally I could say that shortly, I can already resume my art in my free time! So prepare your tits because I'm baaaaaack! :P
I'll update my gallery with the pictures as soon as I have internet at home and am done with my upcoming drawings! :heart:

If you don't mind me dropping here some piece of advice, let me tell you something I've learnt from this experience:
"Never give up, always give yourself a chance and give a try because even having to kiss the feet of failure, happiness can only be achieved by those who dare"

Now I'm gonna show you some nice PHOTOS I've taken or been taken here in England ;) I hope you like them!:

(My first exhibition of my digital illustrations along Wacom managers and Square staff. Thank you very much Square and Wacom team for giving me this chance, your support, your contacts and interest! Look at my Gaga picture on the right corner XD)
601123 607217929341295 559432629 N (1) by Kaoyux

1452007 618126888250399 1034232685 N by Kaoyux

946981 618127158250372 751415893 N by Kaoyux

1476368 618126631583758 1475552722 N by Kaoyux

1463937 618126921583729 1678345676 N by Kaoyux

(For Kuroshitsuji fans: this is supposed to be the bridge where Drocell cuts some thief's hand with his strings. "London bridge is falling down, falling down, falling down, London bridge is falling down, my fair lady")
7696 618125971583824 1391610436 N by Kaoyux

(I had to take a photo to this because some friends and me found a rainbow flag on the top of an Oxford university so random XD)
Oxford - DD Bandera by Kaoyux1450117 613211925408562 1298181224 N by Kaoyux

Oxford - Dinosaurios by Kaoyux

(For Harry Potter fans!, I'll show you 3 photos about some emblematic places I visited where this movie was recorded, I hope they look familiar for you ;))
Oxford - Christ Church by Kaoyux

Oxford - HP2 by Kaoyux

Oxford - HP1 by Kaoyux

(A video I recorded about Oxford main streets from a Double Decker Bus):
(sorry for people who are living in Germany but this video has been blocked in that country because of the music it contains)

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Hello + NEWS!

Wed Oct 30, 2013, 7:07 AM

:bulletgreen: Just wanted to drop a note!
I haven't forgotten you all or given up art at all! :heart:

:bulletgreen: Since October 7th I managed to move to a better country (see details in my main dA profile info :3: ) because my retarded native country doesn't give young people any opportunity to get a job (60-75% of Youth Unemployment) -and a bunch of us have an university degree like me-.
Since I got an amazing post in a new country, I just moved. That simple! :iconkruemelplz: 

:bulletgreen: As some of my close dA friends already know, I thought this housing/accomodation thingy wasn't going to take me so long, but when you move to a different country to work and live, all beginnings could be quite hard and countless unexpected events and challenges you must deal with alone suddenly take place.
Until the Recluitment Team that offered me this post doesn't manage to settle a permanent accommodation for me (I guess it would take place in December), I won't feel like or be able to get some time for my upcoming artistic projects (among other things) since I have to organise my own life properly first... someone's future is not easy at all when your own country is trashed by a few bastards and native people's indiference.

:bulletgreen: I'll update a new journal about more details in December.

* PD: Can't wait to resume my artistic projects, doujins and fanarts!!!

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(Because I always leave so random but interesting videos in my journals: look at the mess with the German and Polish areas. And yes, for those who didn't know it, Spain WAS (not anymore) the only european country that was muslim for 8 centuries in the Middle Ages)

:star: Me, myself and my problem with Doujins TT___TT

Hello there!

How are you? I'm just fed up XD

It said that some psychologists tell some patients, to healing:
- 1st step is admitting you have a problem :pointr: I do.
- 2nd step is identifying the problem :pointr: I constantly abandon my doujins.
- 3rd is learning how to correct it :pointr: Applying the only effective methodology that worked for me in the past with the only doujins I finished, I mean, the 2 doujins I have for sale.

I don't know if some of you also have this problem: you start some story (drawn or written) and you end up abandoning it... you try to encourage yourself, but it doesn't work because you simply lose the interest.

Maybe I'm not cut out for this sort of comic art. I really enjoy drawing doujins sometimes though, but someway they become to me so tedious when reaching some point.

I think there could be several reasons why some people end up abandoning a comic project:
1. Because they lost the interest in their own story/characters.
2. Because they are not being paid. Believe it or not, when we're talking about a story that you haven't created by yourself, but some customer's one, money is a really good incentive to continue the story, since you are being paid for what you accepted, you created an agreement with your client and yourself. Of course there are artists who could love and get into their customers' story, but it doesn't happen so often.
3. Some artists, as they are realizing about their technique improvement, they think that old pages don't look like new ones anymore. To avoid this problem, there are some artists who use the same drawing method and don't apply their improvements to not showing a collage of styles in the same comic/doujin. But of course, not everybody accepts this situation. Personally, I'm one of those who don't and I feel really frustrated when I find some important changes in my technique.
4. Because some artists simply dislike the results and they think that the effort/result ratio isn't worth it.
5. The lack of time is another disadvantage we must consider as well. There are artists who are so busy with other important stuff and some of them, when reconsidering those old projects, they realize that they've lost the interest in them.
6. Because they regret, change their minds and come up with better ideas for their current story they are working on or for a new one.

:star: How could I solve my problem? = )

I'm a  person who needs to see immediate results as soon as I finish a work for some reason. When I draw the lineart, I start with the shading and post the page to share impressions with you all.

OK, that must end, since it doesn't work for me. I decided to "auto-punish" myself. I'm affraid some of you will not like my way to solve it, but I must say it's the only method which has worked for me so far. If you have the same problem than me, you may find this method suitable for you too, who knows. Here you are:

- 1st step: Making ALL pages sketches at once. Until they all are not done, you can't start the following step.
- 2nd step: Cleaning ALL pages lineart. You'll notice that your technique improvement is not as radical as before when you made your sketches+lineart+shading page by page.
- 3rd step: Shading ALL doujin pages. Again, you'll notice that your techique improvement with shading is less radical and more uniform than before.
- 4th step: post your pages online (no matter if you do it gradually or at once) or sell your doujin.

I know myself so well and I think I'd opt for selling my doujin if I see I have all my story in my hands completed and no page posted online. 

:star: New doujin project

Yes, again! :XD:

I can't give so many details about it yet, I think it's better for those who like following my doujins stories, I don't feel like disappointing you (and myself) again and again.

This is why I think that not giving many details about it would be better, since I need to try this method myself for this new doujin project first. The only thing I'll spoil so far is that this doujin will be R18 (adult content) and about my OTP ;) I'll not say the tittle but I must admit that makes me laugh because the doujin tittle has something to do with my problem with doujins :XD: Some close friends already know why XD

From now on, I guess that ONLY posting illustrations and short doujin strips would be for me the best option. Long doujins will not be posted online until all pages are not done or directly for sale.

Sample by Kaoyux

(Play it, it's just a beatiful song)

Photo I took this morning about COMBO's doujinshi collection:
Combo Doujin Collection by Kaoyux

I'm so excited because I've received this morning the last doujin to complete all COMBO's doujinshi collection! I feel so lucky, this was so difficult and expensive to get because two of them (the first and third one) were sold out so I'd no choice but to find them in japanese auction websites.

COMBO (also known as Banri / ばんり) is one of my top favourite SasoDei artists.
I adore her style, her stories and imagination. Her style is so original and yet so similar to Kishimoto as well. I must say her style changed sooo so much in the last 2 doujins she made if we compare with the first 3 ones. Still so amazing art.
I'm especially in love with her backgrounds, they are SO extremely amazing, detailed and carefully shaded with the G pen (she rarely uses screentones on them, only if necessary)

For some unknown reason, she closed/abandoned her WEBSITE, but you can find more of her art on her PIXIV account (she rarely updates). I guess she may be into a new fandom or so busy lately.

Here you are the list about the names of the Naruto doujins you see above (from left to right). If you are into this fandom and had the chance (and money) to find them in some auction website, eBay or somewhere else, I totally recommend you:

Doujinshi: NAIMONONEDAR 【無いものねだり】 (2009)
Author: COMBO / ばんり
Pages: 42

Doujinshi: KARA 【殻】 (2009)
Author: COMBO / ばんり
Pages: 54

Doujinshi: HAIKEI, SANDAIME-SAMA 【拝啓、三代目さま】 (2010)
Author: COMBO / ばんり
Pages: 30

Doujinshi: EIYŪ NO PŌZU 【英雄のポーズ】 (2011)
Author: COMBO / ばんり
Pages: 30

Doujinshi: NEIKIDDO DEE TEE 【ネイキッド・ディーティー】 (2012)
Author: COMBO / ばんり
Pages: 30

Thanku + My Bday today ^^

Wed Sep 4, 2013, 7:53 AM

:bulletgreen: Just wanted to thank you all your awesome wishes for this day!
Thanku very much for your support, comments and gifs (I STILL need need to see them, comment and fav them!).

:bulletgreen: Unfortunately, a familiar died 3 hours ago, so I'll be out home soon because I have to go to the morgue this afternoon.

:bulletgreen: I'll open and check your messages, notes and the bday gifts some of you did to me later at night or tomorrow because of this.
Thank you very much for your wishes and gifts, this really cheered me up! :hug:

VIDEO - How I painted my last fanart

Journal Entry: Thu Aug 22, 2013, 4:43 PM

Hello there! ^^

It's been long (almost 2 months) since last time I drew my last picture. I've been out my country and busy with important stuff.

:pointr: Here you are a video about the process of my "XELLOSS - Taking a break" fanart  (click the video above)

In this video I shortened a 5 hours of work in 5 minutes.

Finished picture: XELLOS - Taking a break by Kaoyux

Enjoy! :heart:

[Save the links now or :+fav:fav this journal if you want to check them later]


Just wanted to announce that I have new links for my 2 Crimson Garden WEBSITES (the normal one and the R18 one) because now the new ones are shorter and easier to remember ^^

Crimson Garden :pointr:
Crimson Garden R18 :pointr: I can't give you a DIRECT link to my adult site due to dA policies, but let me give you an easy TIP that will help you to find the link so easily :pointr: It's the SAME link than the one above, but you only need to replace "kaoyux" with "crimsongarden".

*NOTE: The OLD links WORK TOO! They are the same websites but I'd prefer the new link as the official ones because they are simpler.

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Let me share this love song with you.
Songs don't usually touch me so easily and this is not the typical "I love you" love song though :XD:
This one really did it, because of the guitar + duo composition and the beautiful lyrics he wrote.
I've really identified myself with the author.

I've translated the lyrics to English in the video, since the original one is in european Spanish.
Please, enjoy its charming! It's so beautiful in some many ways:

(I especially love the part at min 01:43 - 02:18 :heart:)
I don't know if some of you still remember a rock band called "BARON ROJO". They were internationally famous in 80's.
This man is "Sherpa", one of that band ex-members (they separated 20 years ago).

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:bulletgreen: Amazing episode IN SOME MANY WAYS!!!! I don't understand why but personally, I haven't found it a filler episode at all! They are talking about an akatsuki member's past. I wish we could see someday another episode about WHY he turned into a human puppet and killed 3rd kazekage!

:bulletgreen: I'm SO glad that Sasori flash back has been drawn and colored SO GOOD (the characters looked so good and some background scenes looked like a true masterpiece) if we compare it with the non-flash back scenes in the same episode about Chiyo vs. Kankuro fight. I loved Sasori's workshop btw (although it looks so different from the one of the old shippuden episodes)

:target: MY DOUBT

Ok, I have seen the episode subbed in 2 languages: in english and my native language. Both versions said just the opposite and the subs translations from the japanese audio looked so confusing and lame to me, so please I hope you understand why I'm still confused:


The english version I saw SEEMS to say that Chiyo was partially guilty of Sasori's friend death because she barely got the poison formula to the standard size and Sasori blindy trusted her (?) and this is why he delivered his friend turned into a puppet to Chiyo and the client who requested Sasori a puppet so they could feel remorse (?).
Question: It it's true that Chiyo was partially guilty for not checking the poison proportions carefully, then WHY did she suspect something about Sasori and what? Was she only afraid of the obsession his grandson had with HUMAN puppets after remembering that Sasori's friend told her that his grandson is so into human puppets? or... did she think that she made a wrong decission of letting Sasori try out that poison on his friend?

The clue to understand what's going on is in minute 11:20 - 13:20 of Naruto Shippuden episode #319

The english dialogues literally say there:

Sasori: I don't like to make people wait. From what I can see, I thought there would be more progress (ok, what kind of progress is Sasori talking about?).
Chiyo: Sasori, what are you doing?
Sasori: You (CHIYO) barely got it (the poison concentrations I guess) to the standard size.
*Chiyo vs. Sasori's friend human puppet fight scene*
Sasori: As requested, the model is finished


The version that I watched subbed in my native language suggested that Sasori tested out the poisson on his friend DELIBERATELY for his own purposes.
I don't know if he did it because he found his friend annoying, or just to use him as an experiment for his own purposes (to build his firts human puppet), or to make Chiyo guilty about her lack of responsibily when checking the poison concentrations.

Here you are what the dialogues literally say in the other version I watched:

Sasori: I don't like to make people wait, I (SASORI) took all the meassures at a guess and I think it/he (this pronoun in my language is neutral so I don't know if he's talking about the progress of the poison formula or his friend's body) already grew a little bit more.
Chiyo: Sasori, what are you doing?
Sasori: It's (I guess it's the poison) barely adapted to the standard size, isn't it?
*Chiyo vs. Sasori's friend human puppet fight scene*
S: As requested, the model is finished.

:target: My doubt is: Did Sasori killed his friend on purpose or was Chiyo partially guilty? If Sasori really killed his friend deliberately, WHY did he do it??? was that kid annoying and clumsy for Sasori or was he jelous about his friend's familiar situation and happiness? afskdfjklsdjfklashdgjsdghasdj

:bulletred: REFERENCES FOR ARTISTS :bulletred:

Since we aleady know more about Sasori's and Chiyo's place, I would like to share here some screenshots I did for those writers and artists who would like to draw some fanart/doujin. I removed with Phosohop Sasori's friend from some backgrounds to make the whole background easier to see. Click on the images to save them in a bigger version if you need it:

Sasori's Workshop:

Sasori's Workshop by Kaoyux
Chiyo's Bedroom:

Chiyo's Room by Kaoyux

Sasori's Bedroom:

Sasori's Room by Kaoyux

Sunagakure by Kaoyux

Extra - Cuteness and Randomness:

(lmao at Sasori's face here)
Cute1 by Kaoyux

Cute 2 by Kaoyux
Cute3 by Kaoyux
Cute 5 by Kaoyux
Nieto2 by Kaoyux
Look what you can see in next week's Naruto episode preview:

Young Sasori - Episode #319 by Kaoyux

Will it show something about Sasori's past? Who knows! But it'd be cool! ^^
Next Episode #319 will be called "The Soul Living Inside the Puppet".
Btw the mystery of Sasori's headband seems to be solved. He used to wear it on his forehead. The question now is where he used to wear it when he joined akatsuki (if he took it with himself).
I found young Sasori so cute in that screenshot :heart:

My new PC Desktop + Chibi Akatsuki Icons download

Journal Entry: Sun Jun 9, 2013, 5:07 PM

I just love how clean and neat my new PC desktop looks ^^
All was thanks to Rinine's advice :hug: since my former desktop was a total mess, now thanks to these 2 programs I have all things on hand and organized.
I had no idea about this kind of programs until now :stupidme:

* Programs:
- Stardock Fences v2.01 (to make panels and folder portals)
- Stardock ObjectDock Plus v2.0.50727 (for the icon bar below)

* Chibi Akatsuki Icons Pack (click here to download) for your desktop icons. (lmao, my Kakuzu icon opens a "Finances" folder that contains text files about all my doujinshi sales and online shoppings I do)


EDIT: Livestream OFF. Doujin page finished.


If you want to see how I draw a doujin page IN REAL TIME, just write "livestream kaoyux" in google and you'll find me broadcasting (due to the mature content (it only shows a breast) I can't give this time a direct link on deviantart, so please, just write in google the "magic" words and you'll find me drawing in real time for sure)


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I'm aware that some of you remember that old doujin of mine because of the amount of private notes, comments in deviations, website, youtube and emails I'm STILL receiving from some people who ask me if I'm going to continue this doujin or update new pages.


「Deidara's Striptease」doujinshi is definitely CANCELLED.
This means I'll not update or submit any new page anymore.


Those are the 3 main reasons that led me to take this decission:

When it comes to art, I must say I feel like an artist who is still so unsatisfied with myself because of the constant changes I usually experiment in my style.

There are a lot of people whose doujin style barely changes (no matter if the style is good or not), but... everytime I see a fanart or a doujin page I drew a few months ago, I clearly observe considerable enough difference as far as style is concerned. It doesn't necessary mean it always has to be a bad thing, since it also means to me that I'm improving someway.

On the other hand, every time I see an old doujin page, I realize there is such important change. My doujinshi technique, use of screentones, panel distribution, brush strokes, g-pen shading and EVEN anatomy are not the same anymore. Without wanting to be so critical with myself, I must admit I've felt ashamed sometimes when I've looked at the past.

This idea really obsesses me to the point of feeling like I shouldn't continue that doujin because the style change is obvious enough to me and I refuse the idea of seeing a "collage" of styles in the SAME doujin. I can assure you I'm not the first and the last artist who has realized how difficult is to continue a doujin with a new/different style though.

This is why I decided to make「TANGIBLE DREAM」and「IMPRUDENCE」pages at once and not one by one, since those doujins are for sale and I want to offer the reader the best feeling. It means I did ALL doujin SKETCHES first, later I cleaned all LINEART and until the lineart in all pages wasn't done, I didn't started the doujinshi shading. Otherwise, my doujinshi would give the reader a so messy impression.

Another reason why I usually end up giving up my old doujins is because of my own personal preferences. With the time, we could change our mind, leanings, ideas and likes as the human beings we are. Sometimes, new preferences, concepts and ideas you start to be curious about gain more importance to the detriment of some old ones that you prefer to move aside.
To be honest, I don't really understand and I would never have expected how that「Deidara's Striptease」doujin could get such an attention. I wish my new works could create the same expectations in you with the time as well, really, because I'll be so glad ^^


  • 「Deidara's Striptease」
  • 「Why a Puppet?」
  • 「Ephimeral Eternity」
  • 「Let Me In」(not sure yet)

I really appreciate all those people who always support me and even like/liked my old style too! You'll always be in my heart because only your support was and is the only thing that encourages me enough to continue with my art and even makes me improve it! :heart:
Thank you very much for all your support and understanding!


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Back! - PHOTOS and VIDEOS!

Thu May 16, 2013, 7:39 AM


(All photos and videos in this journal belong to me. There is no copyrighted imagery from others)
Hi, I'm back!

:bulletgreen: Too much time inactive here! I've been out all this time, doing a course in surgery. Although this journal kinda looks like a trip (I love to keep awesome moments), I can assure you that our asses were sitting down on chair for 9 hours/day.

:bulletgreen: I've learnt a lot. Here you are some video about my first practice in that course (if you don't like medical stuff, please don't watch it). We were remembering how to make sutures, incisions, different kind of aesthetic scar/wound repairs, circumcisions, cyst removals and etc stuff on real skin (but death skin, so it was more difficult and hard to work on than living tissues, since a living person has blood and their skin is softer and much easier to cut and suture)

Two friends of mine at class:
419657 521950031201419 1207700139 N by Kaoyux

The class was huge and it had a lot of cameras and TVs to see the surgeon teaching us the tecnhiques.
I remember when we were practising a cyst resection, we had to disect below the skin and introduce a little balloon with mustard inside to simulate a cyst with pus inside. It looked FREAKING REAL when that mustard suddenly came out after the disection! Just like in a real operating theatre asdfaddfjasldfjkasdjf Look how it looks, watch this video at minute 00:49 :pointr:…

:bulletgreen: I loved the place I went. The course included the accommodation too. I was in a resort called "Pueblo Indalo", the architecture was so typical of the place and so charming. You was also allowed to bring some friend/partner with you. I'll go there next week again to do another course in Cardiological Emergencies. I can't wait!
Here you are some videos I recorded with my camera about the resort, Mediterranean Sea and some beautiful photos I took:

:bulletgreen: THE PLACE. RESORT and APARTMENT:

The beach I used to go:
Mwxrht by Kaoyux

Our lovely lovely swimming pool ^^
166034 521533294576426 959472944 N by Kaoyux
936941 521804727882616 1669302297 N by Kaoyux
969220 521558111240611 333737113 N by Kaoyux
264403 521554511240971 808827022 N by Kaoyux

My apartment (DEATH at the reception desk guy who gave me the keys of the last floor!!!):
247527 521603134569442 653644970 N by Kaoyux

Awesome views from my apartment :heart:
Verdad Pepe by Kaoyux

21228 521584834571272 624486924 N by Kaoyux
My apartment street ^^
179176 521526147910474 1160272805 N by Kaoyux
486867 521578867905202 770831232 N by Kaoyux</div>
968779 521591037903985 788772889 N by Kaoyux
Really, the resort was as big as a little village, I'm not joking! All was full of apartments, shops, markets, pools, recreational areas, restaurants and bars = O
945282 521598447903244 1281164121 N by Kaoyux

The main restaurant!
There were like... 5 big self service desks where people served their food. Food quality and amount there is amazing!
968811 521607351235687 549466655 N by Kaoyux

The fountain of the main resort square.
601803 521537347909354 108746117 N by Kaoyux

Yesss!!! We also had an amazing bowling alley! ^o^
65670 521545891241833 1904906036 N by Kaoyux
Nap time. My current desktop wallpaper. It's my last fanart to date. 
Here you are the original fanart Are You Enjoying Yourself, Un? by Kaoyux
944386 521891317873957 1523809931 N by Kaoyux
On the way to my course class ^o^
419657 521950031201419 1207700137 N by Kaoyux</div>
971933 521935894536166 1272347927 N by Kaoyux

You can find my class if you cross that door to the right. It was in the resort too, so we didn't need to walk so much ^o^
970874 521541811242241 2001497482 N by Kaoyux

:bulletgreen: MEDITERRANEAN SEA:

941330 521919664537789 1118504646 N by Kaoyux</div>
934032 521827924546963 1839883915 N by Kaoyux</div>
392321 521911331205289 86693463 N by Kaoyux
970290 521823637880725 2100069752 N by Kaoyux

970931 521816171214805 1295219654 N by Kaoyux
182911 521907317872357 1150299642 N by Kaoyux
400600 521866767876412 852183611 N by Kaoyux
941218 522007914528964 266615007 N by Kaoyux
942749 522008027862286 1970713504 N by Kaoyux
971001 522008324528923 469028942 N by Kaoyux
971975 521563304573425 926095966 N by Kaoyux

:bulletgreen: FOOD and DRINK:
After class in the evening, my honey rum + orange juice + cinamon + coffee seeds long drink and cigarrette ^^
941857 521901137872975 2145336029 N by Kaoyux

Mmmm... yummy!!!
401909 521971507865938 1843749804 N by Kaoyux
Do you see how awesome this huge marshmallow milk shake looks? Ok, I must say it tasted even better that it looks.
943715 521983567864732 1574298091 N by Kaoyux
Mandala discoteque:
383459 527474983982257 2106717676 N by Kaoyux
941187 527475583982197 1030032362 N by Kaoyux
969547 527475523982203 731046089 N by Kaoyux